What is Condition Four and why did we choose this as our site name?

For those new to mountain biking or just stopping by to see what this is all about, all bicycles have a frame decal with an icon indicating its use condition. The use condition ratings range from 0-5 and a condition 4 frame is considered an “all-mountain” mountain bike.

What was the genesis of Condition Four Mountain Biking and what is our objective?

When I got back into mountain biking after a fairly long layoff, I spent a great deal of time seeking out the opinions of folks actively engaged in the sport. Even with the layoff, I considered myself a complete junkie almost immediately after I decided to re-engage the sport; just not many things better, in my humble opinion, than introspective time spent out on the trails. That said, I ultimately found the guidance provided me by the numerous local and online experts I sought out to be extremely useful in helping me dive back in without much reservation in regards to my new bike, gear purchases, trail selections, etc.

So, initially, Condition Four was started as a simple blog to share my thoughts, observations, adventures, and opinions with anyone willing to listen (read); and, to allow others to offer up their feedback, opinions, trail & equipment reviews, etc. in an effort to offer quality information and content for future visitors to the site. The objective of the site was to simply serve as my contribution back to the mountain biking community; as well as, my acknowledgment of those who have been so willing to help me along the way.

The deeper I immersed myself into mountain biking and events throughout the Southeast, the more I realized I wanted to do more to further my objective and offer a real contribution to our unique community of mountain bikers.

That said, my goal here is to offer a site with great content, trail & equipment reviews, training tips, etc; but, I also want to create a social environment dedicated solely to the mountain biking community!

This came about when I realized I was having to join multiple FB groups in order to stay informed and connected to mountain bikers within my own region; let alone, outside of North Georgia. So, an idea was formed and our site was created. As our community grows, Condition Four will become the ultimate place to connect with mountain bike lovers across the planet.

Soon, this will also be a place where we can all contibute to the creation of fun and sustainable, quality trails so that we can pass on our love of singletrack to future generations. As our community grows, we will look to serve as a positive voice for mountain biking across the planet by improving the trail experience for all users through social rides and events, advocacy, and trail building.

Finally, one of the things I truly enjoy about getting out on the trails is all of the fascinating people I meet along the journey; so please feel free to connect and shout at me anytime just to chat or with any feedback, suggestions, etc.

See you on the trails!